Role: Design Lead

Studio: Independent / The MP Shift

Service: Visual Identity, Package Design, Signage, Web Design

Year: 2018-present


James Beard-nominated chef Amanda Cohen of Dirt Candy and South African humanitarian, Andrea Kerzner teamed up to create Lekka Burger, a restaurant serving the best new veggie burger and an all vegan menu. A concept that celebrates Andrea’s South African roots and Amanda's commitment to vegetables, Andrea and Amanda were in need of a visual identity that sets itself apart from other vegan competitors.

Creative Direction

Bold and powerful, this creative direction studies the extraordinary styles created by black and African artists as they reinvent western trends. Since the 1880s, women of West Africa have been transforming Dutch wax fabric into patterns that communicate more than just color, bringing life to an otherwise ordinary textile. Les Sapeurs, of Brazzaville in their dapper outfits, began dressing like French dignitaries and dandies in the early 20th century as a form of empowerment; today this style is celebrated as a cultural statement. Mickalene Thomas, an African-American artist reworks iconic compositions from western paintings, replacing the main subjects with black women, a concept long overdue in fine art. In the spirit of these creatives, “Lekka” itself is a Dutch word that shines in a new light in South African culture, meaning delicious and awesome. Through this creative direction, Lekka’s visual identity evolves into a vibrant, joyful brand, its mission translated through illustrative patterns, saturated hues, and quirky typography.

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Graphic Design ∙ Illustration ∙ Creative Direction ∙Brand Identity ∙ Web Design ∙ Publication Design∙ Design Strategy

Miriam Ross,  Graphic Designer + Illustrator